• Ready to fight back and overcome your PCOS symptoms

    If you’re like me beating PCOS hasn’t been easy but if you learn the basic conditions that’s causing you the most problems, then overcoming PCOS is doable!

    When I was diagnosed with PCOS I was relief, concern and slightly afraid. Relief, because I finally had an answer for the health issues I was experiencing. Concern, because I didn’t know what PCOS was and the overall effect it had on my body. Then I was slightly afraid because I knew I had to live with this disorder for the rest of my life. So, I decided I had to learn how to live strong with PCOS and focus on having a healthy mindset to overcome the fear.

    Jnana Delapaz

    Teaching Women to Live an Overall Healthy Balance Life

  • Ready to fight back and overcome your PCOS symptoms

    In 2018 I was diagnosed with PCOS and at that time I was gaining weight quickly. I honestly didn’t know what was causing the rapid weight gain before being diagnosed. I was working-out three to four days a week and maintaining a fairly healthy lifestyle. But my attempts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle wasn’t working and I was quickly becoming depressed. At the same time, I was ready to start a family with my husband, but I knew getting pregnant was going to be a challenge. Since I previously experienced pregnancy complications and my menstrual cycles were abnormal. So, I started searching for a fertility doctor who could help us. At my first appointment, I was referred to an endocrinologist. Within a few days I was diagnosed with PCOS. At that time, I’ve never heard of PCOS. The doctor immediately recommended I start taken a diabetes medication called metformin for insulin resistance issues I was experiencing. Since I’ve never been a fan of taken medication and I wasn’t a diabetic; I didn’t understand why I needed to take something that wasn’t designed for a woman with PCOS. So, at that point I knew it was time to go do some research on PCOS to become an expert on how to overcome this endocrine disorder. I spent years studying to learn all I could on how to manage my symptoms. Overtime I started gaining my power back and within a year I was down 60+ pounds. My depression was gone, and I was feeling more healthier than ever before. From there I knew one day I had to help other women with PCOS, so they too can gain their power back just like me.

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