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Overcoming my PCOS symptoms has allow me to take control of my mindset, achieve pregnancy and live a healthier life.

J Delapaz

Overcoming PCOS Program

H F M 30 Day Cleanse

  • Alkaline inspired nutrition plan design to heal your body
  • Digital workbook to track your progress
  • A year access to the HFM 4-week course
  • Weekly live coaching sessions
  • Herbal healing cleanse plan and walk through
  • Sugar craving/emotional eating assistance
  • Ongoing nutrition plan to fight back inflammation
  • Supplement and vitamin recommendation list
  • Assistance with starting a workout routine for longevity strength metabolism

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When giving up is no longer an option, you have to be willing to fight like hell to achieve your goals

J Delapaz

Indianapolis, IN
United States

Jnana Delapaz