Yep I’m telling you my secret 😱

There’s something I want to share with you and it’s probably no surprise to anyone who’s experience carrying a child. I have “diastasis recti”… you’re probably thinking what’t that??? Well diastasis recti is a condition that causes your stomach muscles to have a big gap in them. In other words, it’s the lost of the…

Ready to Overcome Your PCOS Symptoms

If you’re like me beating PCOS hasn’t been easy but if you learn the basic conditions that’s causing you the most problems, then overcoming PCOS is doable! When I was diagnosed with PCOS I was relief, concern and slightly afraid. Relief, because I finally had an answer for the health issues I was experiencing. Concern,…

Losing Weight With PCOS

In 2018 I was diagnosed with PCOS and at that time I was gaining weight quickly. I honestly didn’t know what was causing the rapid weight gain before being diagnosed. I was working-out three to four days a week and maintaining a fairly healthy lifestyle. But my attempts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle wasn’t working…

About Me

Hi, I’m JD and I know firsthand how difficult life can be living with PCOS. Learning how to manage my symptoms has allowed me to accomplish my desire weight goal, achieve pregnancy and even lose over 60 pounds within a year after giving birth. I’m confident I can teach you how to overcome your PCOS symptoms too with the HFM Method!

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Jnana Delapaz