Yep I’m telling you my secret 😱

There’s something I want to share with you and it’s probably no surprise to anyone who’s experience carrying a child.

I have “diastasis recti”… you’re probably thinking what’t that???

Well diastasis recti is a condition that causes your stomach muscles to have a big gap in them. In other words, it’s the lost of the elasticity in your abdominal wall.

Yep, I have a muffin top and it’s not pretty.

All year I’ve been working on strengthening my core to repair these muscles and it’s getting better but the battle isn’t over.

Having PCOS definitely effects my ability to lose this blueberry muffin I’m no longer interested in carrying around.

With PCOS, the increase of certain hormones can lead to unwanted build up of weight around the mid-section.

Some women with diastasis recti even appear to still look pregnant years after giving birth.

So yes, the struggle is real sis but the damage can be fix without under going expensive cosmetic surgeries.

You just have to be constant at rebuilding the strength in your abdominal wall and know what type of exercises to do.

Because let’s face it no one wants to waste time working out to still end up with a flappy tummy.

So check out my video to learn about ten minute ab routine I’m doing daily to fight back against diastasis recti.

Sending my Love
Jnana Delapaz

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  1. I need this in my life. Definitely certain this is what happened to me. Going to incorporate this in my workout routine.

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